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2019 Plant a Tree In Israel Drive

Fulfill the Mitzvah of planting trees in the soil of our ancestral homeland.

Every year at this time we join the nationwide campaign of the Jewish National Fund in planting trees in Israel. Our Religious School in conjunction with temple Sisterhood, with Mrs. Jane Golub as chairperson, asks you to please join us in this venture. Please make your donation by 1/27/19 for this drive. Additionally, trees may be purchased year-round. For every tree you purchase, we will add a flower to ‘Our Tree’ located in the temple foyer. Come see ‘Our Tree’ grow bigger and more beautiful with your generous donations!

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Tree Certificates:

You will receive a certificate(s) for the trees you order. If you are making the donation in honor of or in memory of someone, we can mail them the certificate acknowledging your donation. However, if you dont need or want the certificates to be for anyone specific, you dont need to fill in this section. We will mail all certificates to you, the donor.

Each certificate can be more than one tree. Indicate for each certificate how many of your total trees purchased goes toward that certificate/occasion.

Certificate 1

e.g You order 10 trees in total, you want 5 to go toward this occasion, so enter the number 5.

Select Honor of or Memory of.

Name of person who the certificate is in honor/memory of.

e.g: Ellen's birthday or Rabbi Matt's kindness.

Certificate will be mailed to this address.

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